Club repair

Here at Custom Golf Solutions, we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure your equipment leaves our shop performing better than new. We offer a wide variety of services to help improve your game. Check out the different club repair services we offer below.

Regular Maintenance

  •  Re-Gripping (You can supply your grips, have CGS order grips, or select grips from our limited stock)
  • Groove Sharpening (Use tools to re-hone the grooves on your irons and wedges while keeping them within the legal tolerances)
  •  Loft and Lie Checks (Evaluate your current clubs for Loft and Lie readings)
  • Loft and Lie Adjustments (Get your clubs to your desired Loft and Lie settings.)


  • Re-Shafting  (Upgrade your shafts to get more out of your game. CGS uses 24 Hour Tour Set Epoxy for the strongest hold power)
  • Club Trimming  (Get the length of your clubs adjusted to fit you and your game. Store bought clubs could be too long for you and can be a hinder to your game)
  •  Re-Setting club heads
  • Shaft Extraction
  • Broken Shaft Extraction              
  • Shaft Rattle  (When clubheads are epoxied in place, a portion of the epoxy can flow up the shaft. After prolonged use of the clubs, the extra epoxy can break off and slide freely up and down your shaft, creating an annoying rattle)
  • Club Stamping 
  • Paint Fill
  • Custom Wedge Grinds

 Game Improvement

  • Spining Shafts  (Spining is a procedure used to find the spine or the hard line of the shaft. Placing this in a direction on your target line will produce a more consistent flex and kick/deflection of your shaft. This service is considered an add on to re-shafting but can be done as a special procedure. A special procedure will create additional work)
  • Flat Line Oscillation (Flo’ing) Shafts  (Flo’ing a shaft is a procedure more beneficial than spining. This procedure finds the exact orientation of the shaft that will allow for the shaft to deflect or oscillate in a straight or flat line. This will be placed in line with the target to improve the consistency of your equipment. This service is considered an add-on service but can be done as a special procedure. A special procedure will create additional work)
  • Custom Wedge Grinds  (With custom grinds we can change how your wedges interact with the turf to ensure your setup is right for the way you play golf)
  • Full bag Analysis  (CGS will take an extensive look at your bag. Checking for Length, Loft, Lie, Swing Weight, Shaft Frequency, and Flo)
  • Swing Weight Adjustments  (Let CGS bring the consistency of your clubs to a new level. When buying clubs from the rack or the Internet, your set can have multiple swing weights, which can hinder consistency. We will make it so all of your clubs have the same feel making it easier for you to time your swing, and increasing your consistency. Swing Weight adjustments will include added expenses for head resets or replacement grips)