Club Fitting

Get the tour truck experience by getting a custom fit. Get a whole bag fitting, Iron fitting, long game fitting, or Individual club fitting using trusted launch monitor software.

  • A fitting will take between 1-4 hours to complete. Please ensure you are ready and able to perform for that long to ensure the best results.
  • If needed, fitting can be broken down into multiple 1-hour sessions.

Fitting Tips

  • Bring drinks and/or snacks to prevent your body from getting tired during your fit.
  • Make sure to eat at least an hour before your fit to ensure proper performance.
  • Please stretch prior to arriving for your fit.
  • Wear athletic golf attire to accurately imitate your proper swings with the same restrictions of golf clothing.
  • If possible, go to a driving range a couple of times prior to your fit. Your swing will be more consistent.